LED Lighting

As lighting LED products have become affordable market penetration has increased to the point that they are expected to take 36 percent of the lighting market in 2016. In the domestic lighting LED market, the primary driving force behind adoption is lower costs, while in the commercial and professional fields the ability to efficiently control lighting levels is important. ...Read More

The Necessity of a Constant Current LED Driver

There are a large variety of constant current LED driver circuits that we carry to meet the needs of our customers. LED technology, especially in computer applications, relies on constant current LED driver circuits heavily. Since LED technology is energy efficient, cost-effective and actually effective, it's usually a go-to mode of providing current in most LED applications. A lighting source which lasts thousands of hours is going to need a power source which can meet such a high demand. As a result, LEDs very often require a constant current LED driver circuit, and there are good reasons. A system of constant current has the ability to vary voltage as it is stratified across a given circuit. This allows a regular, constant electric current to be continuously maintained. The driver circuit in the case of LED applications usually functions as a kind of current regulator. Even though a high series resistance is more than sufficient to light an LED, things like high current run the risk of burning an LED out. Not all LED driver applications require such measures, but ones that are secure and reliable definitely do. ...Read More

The Right LED Power Source

There are a number of available LED power supplies out there, and finding the best one sometimes requires a little bit of footwork. The best thing to do is understand the usage your LED light will undergo, and choose a power supply accordingly. Will the LED be used as a sparsely-activated indicator light in a series, or will it be used as a primary lighting source somewhere? Figure this out, and then figure out what kind of LED power source would fit best for you. Following is a description of several available sources out there, and what their most common applications are. ...Read More

LED Driver Modules

Anyone with a cell phone may be wondering how the battery indicator light goes from green to yellow to red as the battery discharges. This is done through the creative use of LED lights, which are small lights powered by a minimal current. LED's serve multiple purposes besides just indicating battery power levels, but they need adequate power supplies to properly function. An LED driver module can be used to power one or multiple LED's without the threat of burning them out. ...Read More

Saving an Energy With a 0-10v dimmable LED driver

A 0-10V dimmable LED driver will help save money, contributing to a greener environment while allowing continuous illumination. For greener applications, it makes sense to find dimmers which can adjust levels from 0 to 10 volts; though sometimes this option will be more expensive. But actually controlling the voltage directly via dimmer affords greater control of not only energy conservation, but expenditure. Not only do LEDs last longer, they're inherently energy-efficient; the "green" nature of their application comes built in. Certainly, LEDs are still energy-efficient without a dimmable driver; but going the 0-10V option is recommendable for the most energy conservation. ...Read More

What to Keep In Mind Before Choosing LED Lighting

Many businesses with large warehouse and logistics spaces are turning towards industrial LED lighting due to the benefits that such a lighting system provides. An industrial LED lighting system will help to cut down overhead due to the low energy usage and long lifespans of standard LEDs. ...Read More

The Power of LED Controllers

When it comes to choosing LED controllers, you have a number of options. There are going to be two basic factors to consider in order to pick the LED controller that best suits your needs. The following are those two factors: ...Read More