A High Power LED Driver For Higher Wattages

All LED drivers fill the role of regulating the power supply leading to a string or strings of LEDs. ÊAÊhigh power LED driver is important when LEDs ÊrequireÊlarger amounts of power for applications including automotive use, grow lights, flashlights and/or emergency lighting. ÊLED drivers can be used to dim the LEDs they power and vary in design, depending on whether they will be used with an AC or DC input power source. The ideal driver will maximize the efficiency of the entire circuit and should be extremely reliable. ...Read More

LED Technology Has Steadily Improved

In recent years, LED lighting technology has exploded, bringing with it a surge in the number of useful applications. Today's LEDs can be used to fill virtually any type of indoor or outdoor lighting need and have increased the efficiency within automobiles. Unique and novel ideas of utilizing LEDs includeÊapplications such as wallpaper that allows the color of a room to be changed with the flick of a switch, office ceiling panels that mimic the appearance of the open sky, and decorative lighting strips that can enhance the appearance of any location.Ê ...Read More

Power Conversion for LEDs Accomplished With Drivers

Power conversion occurs any time the form, voltage or frequency of electrical energy or currentÊis altered. To properly power LED lights, drivers are added to the circuit to convert AC power into the DC powerÊrequired by these ultra efficient devices. The voltage must also be significantly reduced to prevent damage to, or Êpremature failure of, the bulbs themselves. An AC to DC powerÊconverter is known as a rectifier which utilizes one or more diodes to allow incoming current to pass in only one direction, thus creating DC. A filter or smoothing circuit is then used to reduce any remaining "ripple" in the electrical current.Ê ...Read More

An LED Driver Delivers Power to the Circuit

All LED lights require the integration of an appropriate driver to deliver the proper amount of electricity to the circuit. LED driversÊfill an equivalent role to the ballast in fluorescent lights orÊtransformers for low-voltage bulbs. Because LEDs require low voltage andÊdirect current, drivers must be used to change the alternating currentÊfound in most residential and commercial buildings into a usableÊDC version. Drivers may be internal or external and areÊneeded to protect the bulbs from energy fluctuations which could result in bulbÊfailure, poorÊefficiency,Êor premature degradation, due toÊhigh temperaturesÊcaused by the presence ofÊexcessive current within the circuit. ...Read More

Enjoying the Benefits of Dimmable LED Technology

LED technology is evolving rapidlyÊand consumers are reaping the benefits of lower energy bills each and every month. While energy savings are the leading reason companies and homeowners are making the switch, there are many other benefits to consider when choosing to install dimmable LED lighting. These benefits include longevity, convenience, comfort, efficiency, and safety.Ê ...Read More

Top 5 Reasons To Use LED Technology

If you want to cut costs and improve energy efficiency, a great place to start is by switching from traditional to LED technology.ÊEnergy Recovery ProductsÊoffers a wide selection of brands to choose from. Visit the website and learn how to take steps toward a brighter future of cost savings and a saferÊenvironment. ...Read More

LED Lighting Products Support Building Energy Conservation

When it comes to improving building energy conservation, there's no better place to start with than lighting. The reason is simple: according to information from Madison Gas and Electric, lighting accounts for 39 percent of total electricity consumption in office buildingsÊand modern LED lighting is significantly more efficient than all alternative forms of commercial lighting. ...Read More

LED Driver Design by Energy Recovery Products

ERPÕs product catalog is extensive and continues to grow to fill the progressing needs of LED driver design. ERPÕs drivers are fully functional with LED products from major global brands like Samsung, GE, Sharp, LG Innotek and many more. ERPÕs technology is used by globally revered notebook and desktop computer manufacturers, but there impeccable devotion to customer service makes them accessible to companies of any size. ...Read More