Dimming LEDs On ELV

An Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmer used in conjunction with an LED (light emitting diode) is almost a match made in heaven. LEDs in general are known for their energy-saving properties. They have a higher cost because of this, but most LED lights come with a warranty of some caliber. Usually LED power supplies have a three-year warranty, while the lights themselves can have five or more years under their belt in that category. ...Read More

Looking For A Reliable LED Driver Manufacturer?

An LED driver manufacturer is necessarily going to face some very interesting electrical engineering challenges. In order to surpass these challenges, it makes sense that a manufacturer be found with only the highest design standards available to the market. The higher the standards, the more trustworthy the product. ...Read More

Leading-Edge vs. Trailing-Edge Dimmers

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to a leading edge dimmer, and the same can be said about trailing edge dimmers. Following the two will be explored briefly. With an incandescent light bulb, domestic dimmers promote a resistance that is characterized as ideal by many. As a result, domestic dimmers are often used in support of LED lamps which act as replacements for traditional options. That said, when combining incandescent and LED worlds, designers are often confronted with challenges that were not previously anticipated. These challenges may include low current draw and a luminous response that is very quick, even in regard to minor fluctuations of power. But depending on what kind of dimmer you're using, the kind of damper or bleeder circuits of the LED drivers in question may change; as will the necessary switching topology for operational optimization. ...Read More

Choosing An LED Driver

There are a wide variety of LED drivers, both current-based and voltage-based, readily available on the market. When choosing a driver, the right kind of LED circuit topology should be considered, as should exigencies related to dimming and flicker. It's difficult to choose an LED driver, and the developing nature of the market makes it hard to find a singly satisfactory option immediately, but the following tips will help buyers make the right selection. ...Read More