Power Supply for LED lights

If you are looking to purchase an LED driver or power supplyÊfor LED lights, contact ERP Power LLC. ÊWith years of experience in designing and manufacturing energy-efficient power supplies, they have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the product that fits your needs. ...Read More

What is an LED transformer?

Transformers consist of two connected coils that generate electricity. That electricity is how the LED emits light. One coil is connected to the light's power source. The primary coil picks up electricity from the power source, sends it the other coil, andÊthat coil sends electricity to the light itself. The connection between the two coils determines the voltage generatedÊand the LED transformer can increase or decrease the amount of voltage that runs into it. The measure of this change is the turns ratio. ...Read More

Managing LED Current Challenges

LED current restriction is critical for a properly operating lighting setup. Because of the way LEDs work, one can expect to use larger than normal resistors in combination withÊkeeping the current power low enough for safe functionality. Without the proper size resistor, LED bulbs will essential draw too much power and burn out far sooner than their normal lifespan, running up costs unnecessarily. ...Read More

PC Power Supply Unit Basics

Among the technical elements that any computerized system will require is a PC power supply unit. This device regulates the electrical voltage that powers the internal components of a computer. Without it a PC will have no functionality. ...Read More

LED Power Supply Manufacturers

Understanding the background of some of the biggest LED power supply manufacturers can help you make an informed choice when deciding to make a purchase. These are a few of the biggest companies makingÊthe vast majority of LED-related power products on the market today. ...Read More

Optimizing Energy: The Leading Edge Dimmer Switch

ERP provides power supplies, the leading edge dimmer switch you need for your LED lighting, and constant current LED drivers. Industries far and wide have benefited from our products, which are designed and manufactured in a top plant in China Ð although our home base is the tech ground zero of Moorpark, CA. Peruse ourÊwebsite for more information of the range of products we carry. ÊYou can also find our contact information there. ...Read More

The Different Options for a Power Supply LED Driver Circuit

The power supply LED driver circuit ensures that a steady stream of power reaches the LED during operation, because unavoidable temperature changes in the local environment alter the electrical properties of the circuit. Without the driver, this would lead to issues with performance. In fact, the LED could become too hot for the system to handle, and the entire thing could fail Ð or at least, render subpar performance. ...Read More