LEDs: An Ubiquitous Technology for Many Industries

The explosive growth of LED technology is one of those things whichÊhave had multi-industry benefits Ð particularly with the invention of the high-output diode. When compared to incandescent, halogens, and mercury-bulbs, the LED is simply the most efficientlyÊknown way to convert an electric current into visible light. InÊother alternatives, a sizable amount of energy is lost as unused waste heat. ...Read More

Understanding Power Conversion in Light Emitting Diodes

If thereÕs a single advantage that LEDs have over formerly traditional methods of providing illumination, itÕs the significantly increased ROI in terms of power conversion. ÊLEDs are much less costly to power and return much more actual light Ð instead of merely wastingÊheat Ð per wattage invested. ...Read More

Forward vs. Reverse Phase Dimming

Forward phase dimming is the most common dimming method used in the U.S., with over 150 million controllers in current operation. While it is surpassed by reverse phase dimming in some ways, it still has many important benefits, which include. ...Read More

Control Your Light Levels With a LED Dimming Driver

LED lights offer many benefits. They are economical, efficient, don't flicker, and there's no delay when switching on. Light output is easily varied using a LED dimming driver. While notÊinitially the cheapest option, the long-life expectancy and low energy consumption means LED lights are more economicalÊin the long run. ...Read More

Making Certain of LED Driver Compatibility

One of the most important aspects of specifying LED lighting is to verify LED driver compatibility. There are over a dozen major LED manufacturers plus many smaller suppliers and each has its own requirements. Additionally, there's the need to consider the range of potential driver configurations, AC supply voltage, the number of LEDs controlled by each driver, and whether to include the ability to dim LEDs. ...Read More

Why LED Driver Boards From ERP Are The Best

Order your ÊLED driver board or other products from ERP with full confidence. You can be sure you will be getting products based on the best and the latest technology at the most competitive prices. You can also be sure of timely delivery so that you can go on with your operations as scheduled.Ê Ê Consult our comprehensive LED guideÊthen contact us about your order with confidence. ...Read More

The Basics of High Power LED Circuits

In the world of electronics, a light-emitting diode (LED) is one of most ubiquitous components available to the consumer. The simplest ones provide energy in a simple circuit for such low-power end uses as indicator lights. High-power LED circuits, on the other hand, are used to drive a variety of more sophisticated and energy-intensive applications such as outdoor flood lights, street lamps and billboards. Here are a few things to know about them. ...Read More

Why Invest in an Adjustable, Programmable Power Supply?

Adjustable power supplies are eminently affordable in terms of both initial purchase price and subsequent operating costs. The best ones provide a combination of low component count for low cost with high-efficiency for low power consumption and high power density to maintain a small size. In addition, programmable power supplies can drive multiple lighting fixtures thus lowering inventory costs. ...Read More