Programming Software Update Required for All PSB Series Drivers

ERP has upgraded its PSB Series programming software to GUI revision ≥ 2.0.3. The PSB series offers a programmable output current. By default, each model of the PSB series is programmed to the lowest current setting for that model. For example, the programming current range for the PSB30W-0700-42 is 700 mA to 350 mA and… Read more »


Is ERP Power impacted by U.S. Tariffs for Chinese Products?

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has released a list of products imported from China subject to additional tariffs as part of the U.S. response to China’s unfair trade practices related to the forced transfer of American technology and intellectual property.  Every single product that is imported into the US is assigned a… Read more »


How Does ERP Power Make Such Small Drivers?

Small, Smart and Connected LED Drivers Through Design Innovation! ERP Power meticulously considers a combination of factors to produce very small, smart and connected LED drivers which are efficient, reliable and cost effective. The ERP Power 2017 platform designs deliver up to 24W per cubic inch of power density at a time when other manufacturers… Read more »


Why ERP is the Best LED Power Supply Manufacturer

ERP is an LED power supply manufacturer that uses AC-DC power conversion to provide a unique combination of high efficiency, low component count, and high power density. These features are used to design all ERP products andÊare unmatched by most of the other manufacturers.Ê


LED Driver Manufacturer Changing the World: 5 Applications in the Real World

LEDs Ð Light Emitting Diodes Ð are semiconductor devices that use electrical current passing through semiconductor materials to produce light. Before the LEDs can perform at their max, they require LED drivers to provide better longevity, reliability and efficiency. An LED driver manufacturer creates drivers that prevent damage to your LED setup by regulating voltage based on temperature changes, reducing thermal inefficiency.


How to Choose the Right LED Driver

One of the most important factors to consider is whether you need a constant current (CC) or a constant voltage (CV) LED driver – or whether you need both.


Get Quality, Superior Performance High Power LED Drivers from ERP Power

LED stands for light emitting diode. It’s a semiconductor device, whichÊemits lights of different colors when electricity flows through it.ÊToday, high power LEDs are trending. They are used in many applications. This includesÊautomobile lights, signage, lighting fixtures, and flashlights.


LED Lighting: Reducing Costs and Helping to Protect the Natural World

Increased demand usually translates to higher prices for consumers. As the need for electricity grows, the focus on conservation also continues toÊincrease. Many companies that manufacture electrical products are working hard to develop items whichÊuse less energy, reduce costs, and have a softer footprint on the environment. LED lighting is a perfect example of this innovative approach to the efficient use of electrical power.


Understanding LED Drivers and Controllers

If youÕve worked in the lighting industry in an engineering capacity before, then you understandÊhow costly it can be to erect architectural lighting equipmentÊthroughout the structure of a theme park, concert stage or onÊthe night-time deck of a cruise ship. The rgb LED controller is the savior.ÊIt allows millions of bits (potentially) via randomizer to quickly produce the many colors needed for the event in question. ÊBecause it does this intelligently, the hardest part is simply finding out certain parameters and entering these values on the ERP Power website to obtain the specific parts.